Radostina Boseva

Radostina loves simplicity. Her minimalist approach, combined with white and clean lines, is the definition of elegance. Each one of her photos uses negative space as a visual element, giving the subject room to breathe and lending a sense of airiness — think of being held aloft on a cloud, and you will instinctively understand her aesthetic. Favoring neutral tones, her work is organic, with a touch of romanticism and modernism, a recipe for beauty if we’ve ever seen one. Not to mention, her use of film brings richness to her prints that cannot be surpassed in our digital world.
— Peerspace 2019

Born in Varna, Bulgaria. Radostina first picked up a camera at the age of thirty - influenced by Scandinavian design magazines, Cereal and Kinfork.

After finishing her Master in Arts she made the move to Sofia and then to Czech Republic, where she naturally felt the transition to graphic design and art direction. A couple of years later - she embarked on her first trip to United States and never looked back. Radostina call now San Francisco her home.

Radostina enjoys creating timeless, minimalistic and emotive imagery. She is inspired by feminine touch, unique beauty and classic style.

She currently resides in San Francisco with her husband Martin and the english bulldog - Fuji. Radostina regularly travels for assignments, working between California and Europe.

Publications - Cosmopolitan Bulgaria, Magnolia Rouge New Zeland, Capital Light Bulgaria, Wedding Sparrow UK, Mozi Magazine USA..

Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer