Brand Photography

In the Pinterest and Instagram era you know even better than me, that a good imagery is a must when we are talking about brand representation.

My mission is not only to create a super strong, beautiful brand and social media presence through photography that helps your business stand out from the rest, but also to create photos that represent your brand in the best possible way. Through my background in marketing and design and more than 10 years of international experience, I will study carefully what you and your brand represent in order to create outstanding visual imagery.

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Brand Photography Package

As a photographer I can’t stop preaching all day and night about the importance of good photos. We live in the era of Instagram and Pinterest and you all need high quality, unique photos to showcase you, your business and your products. Good photography creates trust and show the care that you put in building your brand. 

What is included?

Brand Consultation
Branded Product photos and / or behind the scenes photos and / or content creation pertaining to your brand
Min. 60 images which can be used for website, social media, etc.
Pricing start at $1000

Brand Consult

First we need to chat about your business. From the history and origins of your business to where you see it after ten years time to exciting questions. The consult will help me better understand who you are and where you want your business to be. My goal is together to discover a formula how to visually present your small business the best way that is posible. A strong brand will improve client trust and recognition which will in turn increase the value of your business. 


Together we will consider your brand and brainstorm the best headshot option for you. Whether they are indoors, outdoors, a mix of both, at home, at the office, wherever we feel best suits the style you are going for. I perfectly understand that your brand has to stand out, so don’t worry - I won’t offer you just the ordinary headshots. 

Pricing starts at $500.