The end of the summer, Nor. California

How was your summer? 
Did you travel a lot, had fun activities, did something unusual? My summer this year went pretty crazy - I was traveling, photographing some weddings and... I started a job (that was my unusual, because i even didn't searching for it, it just happened). Very unexpectedly... I'm now part of the Elegant Themes team (if you are using Wordpress on a daily bases you may be interested to check out what we are doing). 
But today I would like to focus not on my daily life, but more of the traveling, because adventure are the things that make me really happy. I want to show you how my beautiful Northern California looks at the end of the summer. It's obviously why they called it the Golden state. 

And for those of you who are involved more into photography and especially the medium format film photography - these shoots are the first one with my lovely new Contax 645 and 80mm lens. The scans are developed and processed by Richard Photo Lab. 


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